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Our passion is helping you sell more, win more and make more. How do we do that? By bringing you skills & strategies from the most well-regarded experts in sales, persuasion & influence.

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Our Speakers + Topics
Victor Antonio
How To Multiply Your Influence with Sales Presence Psychology
Brynne Tillman
The Art of Persuasive Prospecting On LinkedIn
Larry Levine
How To Build Your Trusted Personal Brand 
Samantha McKenna
How to Architect & Run The Perfect Discovery Conversation
Alexia Vernon
How To Deliver Persuasive Presentations That Inspire Action
Mark Hunter
How To Negotiate with Difficult & Non-Friendly Prospects
Cynthia Barnes
How to Keep Moving Forward in a Profession Full of Setbacks
James Muir
The Perfect & Persuasive Close Model
Andrea Waltz
How To Overcome Sales Rejection & Reprogram How You Think About 'No'
Ian Altman
How to Deal With Ghosting in Complex Selling
Lisa McLeod
The Customer Intelligence You Didn't Know You Needed
Paul Smith
The Art of Telling Persuasive Stories That Change Minds
Jason Bay
How To Drive Prospects To Take Meetings Using The Five Human Desires
Julie Hansen
Secrets of Projecting Confidence & Credibility on Camera
Marcus Chan
How to Obliterate Any Closing Objection Easily & Elegantly
Anita Nielsen
The Persuasive Power of High Impact Questions
Matthew Pollard
How the Quiet and Shy Introvert Can Outsell Anyone
Larry Long Jr.
How To Reframe Your Fears, Insecurities & Build The Right Mindset for A Successful Sales Career
Daniel Disney
How to Write Persuasive LinkedIn messages & InMails
Thibaut Souyris
The New Outreach System - How To Design & Build Your Outreach Sequence & Messaging
Brian Ahearn
Setting the Stage for Sales Success with Pre-suasion
Meshell Baker
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome for Salespeople
Wes Schaeffer
The 7 Deadly Sins of Persuasive Selling
Susan Ibitz
Face Reading & Profiling for Sales Intelligence
Nancy Calabrese
How To Take Prospects Out of "No Decision"
Miles Croft
The 5 Mistakes Salespeople Make When Cold Calling
Roberta Matuson
The Art of Managing Difficult Conversations at Work
Jeff Bajorek
Secrets of Successful Salespeople When The Going Gets Tough
Joe Beck
How to Get Difficult Prospects to Open up and Share
Shawn Karol Sandy
Advancing The Conversation Through Pushback, Obstacles, And Negotiation
Dale Dupree
How to Get Your Prospects To Open Up About Their Pain Points
"The audience is getting such a wonderful feast with all the great talent speaking on this Summit"
- Mark Hunter,
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Adam Verity

Hi! I'm Adam Verity ...

Nothing happens in this world without someone persuading someone else to think differently, believe an idea or do something.

Sales is no different; sales is persuasion. That's why I'm on a mission to teach enterprise sellers practical and easy persuasion skills that work in today's markets so they can sell more, win more and make more.

Adam Verity

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